Prosperis, NUKC (non-formal education and consulting center) is a nonprofit association that has been active for more than 10 years in young (and not only- after all the main thing is youth in Your heart) people’s actively spending time, pursuing desires and dreams, achieving the goals and pursuing a full-fledged lifestyle. Over the long-term experience, we have found guiding games as an effective and versatile tool for various purposes:

  • Find out more about the world around you;
  • See people, things and places from the other point of view;
  • To develop imagination and creativity;
  • Form team and leadership;
  • Break away from everyday life and surrounding facilities;
  • Just to have a good time with colleagues and friends.
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It became or main activity and made us professionals. It has already allowed us to make more than 35 thousand people happy, to organize more than 1000 events in Europe and beyond.

Do you want to take part in our events? Do you need something unique? Do you have a need, desire or dream, an unfulfilled goal? Contact us - we will gather all our experience and determination to help you!

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